Filmkit is a blog about DIY filmmaking, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Filmkit is created by Gerben Schmidt, a Dutch freelance cameraman and web-designer. New ebook: the Panasonic LX100 Filmmaking guide.

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    Latest news: Proudly introducing VideoMechanic, a Mac app for easily converting video to ProRes, H.264 & H.265! Read more...
  • So now Canon puts 4K/60P, NDs, Touch Dual Pixel AF, IBIS, Wide DR, headphones, EVF on their camcorders, but not their DSLRs or C100?

  • Pretty amazing 4K footage for a 5 year old camera that was built to shoot compressed 1080P

  • On that note: Magic Lantern managed to squeeze continuous 3.5K 10 bit RAW recording out of the old 5D Mk III!

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