Filmkit is a blog about DIY filmmaking, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Filmkit is created by Gerben Schmidt, a Dutch freelance cameraman and web-designer. New ebook: the Panasonic LX100 Filmmaking guide.

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    Latest news: Just a friendly reminder: September is going to be THE BIG CAMERA ANNOUNCEMENT MONTH! What to expect: , Nikon FF Mirrorless, Fuji X-T3, Canon FF Mirrorless or 4K M6 Mk II, DJI Mavic Pro II... Did I forget anything?
  • LAKE FAILURE, N.G., September 17, 2018 - EOS 5D Mark II is able record 2K/3K/4K/5K raw video at 10/12/14 bits per pixel! Sample frame: 2880x1080 captured at 24 FPS.

  • Exactly 10 years after the DSLR revolution, we’re at the start of the mirrorless revolution in which 10bit 422, LOG, peaking, good autofocus and headphone jacks have finally become standard features in a camera.

  • The Fujifilm X-T3 might actually feature a Samsung Sensor! Is the X-T3 an NX2 in disguise?

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