Filmkit is a blog about DIY filmmaking, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Filmkit is created by Gerben Schmidt, a Dutch freelance cameraman and web-designer. New ebook: the Panasonic LX100 Filmmaking guide.

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    Latest news: The Filmkit site has been completely revamped and updated! New posts about the SliderOne Pro and the EOS R! The site now runs on my homemade php static site generator and is proudly hosted on Check it out: Read more...
  • It seems like most camera manufacturers have already fired their guns at Photokina and CES and don't have anything new to show at . This is great news for smaller manuafacturers like Sharp and Z-cam, who took center-stage this year!

  • This year's is all about the outsiders: while the big companies are fast asleep, Sharp and Z-cam steal the show with exciting new features. Z-cam even announced they will be developing their own compressed RAW for their 4K, 6K and 8K cams!

  • If you've ever had to go through the pain of color-matching different camera brands, this looks like a very promising solution: CineMatch 'knows' the sensor characteristics of each camera, and can match cameras in one click! via

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