Panasonic LX100 guide

Panasonic LX100 guide

Turn your Panasonic LX100 into a powerful 4K filmmaking machine with the help of the Panasonic LX100 filmmaking guide!

This eBook helps you set up your camera for 4K video shooting, offers workarounds for the camera's quirks, and guides you through every step in the process: from shooting and audio recording, to color correction and editing 4K on older computers.

The guide features step-by-step instructions and video-examples as well as exclusive illustrations by Gemma Pauwels!

Topics include:
Finding the best settings for 4K video
Getting a more organic image
Fixing the awkward ISO increments
Fixing shutter speed
Focus options
ND-filters for the LX100
Recording audio
Color Correcting LX100 footage
Editing LX100 footage on older computers

The eBook comes as a PDF and includes free future updates, of which you will be notified by email.